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Question :  Here free Tips to get 1st page on google, just simple old style work
Posted by: Manishamanisha.eminent@gmail.com

Answer :    Many people have problem looking for get 1st page on google , is hard right, but actualy is not if you know , well to get 1st page on google is easy ( but remember 1st page on google doesnt mean you can make money a lot atlist you can use this technique :

1. Do keyword search by using manual search forget keyword with program paid you just need google search this you must think to get the keyword :

Put your self as a reader or what question that you will typing to go to your topic and make the answer that old style still work

point 2 is make the keyword long tail mean more then 3 words more long your tail keyword more you get first on google.
be creative to get the keyword with commonsen , mean people typing that word on google search

point 3 after you get 5 keywords make countent dont make your title exactly with your keyword that is scam for google closed is better, you dont need backlink or something

point 4 check after one week to 3 weeks, you will 1st page on google

wait dont happy yet if you see that you will stay for a while then you will get google dance your site will disepear from the keyword ,dont panic just relax, drink coffe or beer or smooke in your padio think new project

one you getting use toi you will find easy to rank on google,

you tube first page on google dont get pool with this people all of them direct title of course you will get first page

the best thing is relevan keyword if you can get first page :
here what i mean

if someone search

bartender you on first page
if some one typing best bartender you first page
if someone typing learn bartender you first page
if someone typing mix drink you first page then you ready to go ,

after all going smooth , start money tise your site ,
you will get pasive income.

try it if you do understand me you will see your site first google in one week

this is my experience i should not share all but, ilike to help people to make it when they are have problem with traffic ,

still many methode will work to get traffic, but this is fun, so try it ,
if you make money just by vitamin for your self becouse you will not sleep and want more , then dont forget by me beer , more you buy me beer , more i am drunk , and tell you everything behind the BS guru just want make money.

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