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Question :  Maximizing Article Submissions for Link Building
Posted by: Manisha

Answer :    A link building technique that can be utilized to direct some of that much needed exposure your way is through article submission. Any SEO strategy should incorporate article submission to secure the best link popularity results. Article submission to directories is one of the most effective ways to publish content on the Web quickly. In fact, a link building company or a link building service usually offers article submission to help optimize web pages for the promotional campaign of a business or organization. Like all other link building tactics, there are things to bear in mind in order to make article submissions work for your site’s link popularity. In order to have your articles contribute to a surge in your rankings, you must learn what works and what does not when submitting to article directories. Basically, every article directory you submit your articles to require the following:

Article Title
Article Description or Summary
Name of Author
Article Body
Resource Box
List of Keywords
Prior to submission, it is wise to read the directory’s terms of service to make sure that you understand and consent to the process of republishing your work. The good thing about article submission is its "viral" nature. A well-written and interesting article will be published, re-published and spread over and over again, giving your site tremendous publicity. Thus, when done effectively, article submissions can indeed give you the link popularity results you need. In accomplishing article directory requirements, keep these snippets of advice in mind:

Make a strong article title. Come up with a unique, snappy, and content-relevant title that contains at least one strong keyword. Readers gravitate to catchy titles. Your article title has to be distinct because directories usually reject duplications. You can test your title’s uniqueness by typing it on the search field and see if there are hits on the search engines.
Write an attention-grabbing article description. This is not a requirement in all directories but it helps to write a summary prior to proceeding with submission. Readers get a sneak peak of what the article is going to be all about with your article description so it is equally important to come up with (an) attention grabbing sentence(s).
Include the author’s name. You can use your real name, or a pseudonym for that matter. Attaching your academic degree may also help establish prestige. You can also use the company or organization name.
Write a 100% original article body. Everything in the article has to be original. High-quality articles incorporate expertise, wisdom, and knowledge so it is easy to spot software-manufactured articles. Another option is to hire a freelance writer or copy editor to come up with original and relevant articles. In addition to original content, produced work must be free of marketing undertones. Written pieces must be journalistic in style. How many words should an ideal article contain? The preference lies within the range of 400 to 800 words, but a 200-word stand-alone article will suffice for publication. Moreover, articles for submission need to have simple formatting. Curly quotes, extended formatting, apostrophes and quotation marks will cause problems. Writers are advised not to use contractions or dashes (-) because pieces that have them do not get published properly. Article directories go for very basic html formatting.
Resource Box. Be sure to place crucial contact information and credentials that will be valid within a six-month period in the resource field. Also, a 30-50 word sentence about yourself will work. This way, publishers pass on information and link you provide in article directories when they are interested in republishing your work. Some experts advise against including an email address and recommend you to input a phone number instead. Include your web URL and if you have more than one, pick the most relevant link.
Select a proper category. Article directories have an assortment of categories for you to choose from. Some directories allow you to configure your own category in case nothing in their selection suits your article.
Use the right keywords. Keywords are a tool to enhance the article. If used effectively, keywords enable readers to find your site through search engines. Several resources and software are available to help you decide which highly-searched keywords to use.
When done right, article submission can be an effective link building technique that will boost your rankings in the search engines. Article submission creates a reputation for your company and establishes your position as an authority in your industry. Although it can be a time consuming link building strategy, article submission is an economical investment that could generate a massive volume of back links for link popularity and topnotch search engine rankings.
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