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Question :  Link Building Monitoring Tools for Better SEO
Posted by: Manisha

Answer :    These days, there are so many link building monitoring tools-each with their own innovative features-that it’s foolhardy to ignore several of the better ones.

While getting available SEO data from Google is not a bad idea, you should not be too dependent on them for the reason stated above. Moreover, Google.com’s Webmaster Central only provides you with data from your website, disregarding other factors that might be relevant and helpful to promoting your site.

Research and Monitoring Tools

Various research tools gather details on the current state of your site, your customers, and your competitors. Their processes are automated but you should mold your research process and alerts using your current goals.

Constant monitoring will inform you of changes and point out what needs to be given more focus.

Readers should take note of the above fact; monitoring and research tools may go hand-in-hand, but they necessitate distinct tool functionality for them to be effective.

What Type of Tools do you Need?

You need tools that you can get email alerts from to monitor ranking shifts across a wider range. With the increased amount of indirect and direct clients that you can observe, you will be capable of detecting algorithm changes early on and identify what triggered them. Thus, having the right monitoring tools is essential.

Using these tools enables you to emulate effective tactics from competitors, helping you avoid ineffective ones. Moreover, the tools will allow you to see if action is needed to further bolster your hold on your current ranking. Usually, this boils down to link building, which cycles back to learning from your competitors as this process usually entails that you analyze the strengths and weakness of the players in your niche.

Two of the recommended tools for link building are:
. Majestic-SEO, Majestic-12’s backlink analysis assistance, and
. "Aggregated web mining" service provider Syntryx.

To get the best results, combine various tools, with Yahoo! search engine, and double check results along with a custom engine.

Apart from doing link building using monitoring tools for better SEO, you should consider the nuances of the niche you are in and analyze the websites that are linking back to your site. Do not forget the social media side of SEO: with the success of social networking sites like Twitter, you can collect contacts easily, greatly bolstering your campaign.
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