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Question :  Tips To Increase Alexa Rank.
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Answer :    Alexa the web ranking system which ranks all the websites according to the site traffic is and is one of the key factors which is being considered by many of the analysts, advertisers, ad network websites to rate or determine the website’s success, popularity and traffic levels. 
On the other hand Alexa is a complete subsidiary of Amazon.com and according to Alexa it ranks websites based on the level of traffic a website receives from people who have installed Alexa toolbar in their browser, It means that Alexa only counts the web traffic which is directed from the Alexa toolbar which directly means that the traffic ranking determined by Alexa is not legit but as still many people consider Alexa as key parameter to measure or show up their website’s success need a good ranking from Alexa and strives hard to achieve it. 
In this post I would like to bring you out the hidden treasures of Alexa which if implemented will help you in securing a good Alexa rank in no time and here the 10 ways how you do it.

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