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Link Building/Link Popularity is often used as an effective marketing strategy to increase website popularity over the Internet. Link Building involves submitting/exchanging your website link (or URL) with other websites to promote your website online and attain higher search engine rankings.

There are three types of Link Building -

One-Way Linking, Two Way Linking and Three Way Linking.

'One-way linking' involves submitting your website link to another website without giving its link on your website. In other words, 'A' submits its website link on another website 'B', but in turn, does not provide 'B's link on its own website (A's). One Way Link is usually prominent in Online Directories, Blogs, and Search Engines and offers maximum benefits to customers since it is not seen as an intentional strategy to promote a website.

'Two Way Linking', also pronounced as Reciprocal Linking, involves submitting your website link to another website and, in turn, accepting its link on your website. In other words, 'A' submits its website on another website 'B' and, in turn, gives 'B's link on its own website ('A'). Two way linking is a critical task and one must only exchange website links with other websites with equal or higher website rankings, since, search engines take them as quality back links. 'Two Way Linking' is the most commonly used Link Building method.

'Three Way Linking' is an upcoming technique in Link Building. In Three Way Linking, two websites do not directly exchange links with each other. Rather one of the two website provides /accepts link of a third website in reciprocal to the link exchange request. It is relatively safer than two way link building and offers maximum benefits to both the websites.

Link Building/Link Popularity inherits several benefits with it. Link Building brings more traffic on your website by submitting your website URL on other websites. Besides, Link Building also improves your search engine rankings, since your website have references on other websites. Do remember that Link Building is a one-time investment and offers long-term benefits to you.

Though, it is advised that one must only appoint SEO Experts to manage Link Building process since it is a critical task and wrong link exchanges could downgrade your existing page rank. Or, at worse, exchanging links with websites that are banned or using black hat techniques could lead to blacklisting of your website on search engines. Thus, one must only recruit trained SEO professionals/hire offshore experts to undertake Link Building activity.

Eminent Infosystems

, with its past experience in Online Marketing Strategy, offers you quality Link Building services. We are working from our SEO center in the Indian sub-continent and have been offering quality Link Building and Link Popularity services to our clients.

At Eminent Infosystems

, we only recruit experienced SEO Professionals, Link Builders and Online Marketers to provide quality Link Building services. Our SEO Team uses ethical Link Building Techniques and does not exchange links with websites that are banned on search engines or are using black hat techniques such as Link farming and Link Spamming. We exchange links with only those websites that are clean and related to your business, to ensure you only get relevant traffic on your website.

Link Building services take some time to deliver desired results. If some companies are offering you instant link building solutions!! Please stay away from them since these companies used illicit techniques to promote your website and at worse, you might end up blacklisting your website on every popular search engine like Google, Yahoo and MSN etc.

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