About Us

About Us

We take great pleasure to introduce ourselves as the pioneers in the area of IT solutions and services. Our initiatives and efforts take recognition under the name of Eminent Infosystems. Founded in 2006, as Eminent Solutions, began producing commercial websites. Having started as a small AI product company, Word of mouth recommendations and a good visibility on the key search engines led to the expansion of the business and the Private Limited company was formed in 2010.

With over 14+ years in Information Technology, we have built up expertise in CRM, ERP, Ecommerce, Data Analytics, and other areas and conquered such innovative fields as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things, Computer Vision, and Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Our Experience

We follow a corporate quality management system established in 2006.
We approach a project with the end-user or customer in mind. The most important thing to us is how customers and prospects view and experience a brand. Their perception truly determines a brand's success.
Through optimization of our internal communication we understand each other’s work, position and responsibility. Before any changes can be implemented we need to analyze what the consequences would be for all departments and whether some need to make adjustments and/or preparations in order to implement such a new solution. Being informed about another is required in running an organization, which works efficiently and cost-effectively; this prevents unexpected problems and costs.

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